About Us

Ready.dev is the global matchmaker connecting talented software developers to truly remote work opportunities from employers that have embraced distributed teams.

We started Ready.dev out of frustration with the existing ways of finding and hiring great candidates during our time running previous tech companies. Remote hiring takes much time, energy, and detective work, resulting in more hours devoted to interviews and assessments than to building products.

At the same time, talented software developers are too busy and too in demand to play games with recruiters and endless interview acrobatics. Developers want to find better opportunities quickly, with transparent pay and benefits, and often in private to avoid sticky social situations.

We challenged ourselves to imagine what a better process and solution would look like for all sides involved, and out of this Ready.dev was born.

Every single candidate on Ready.dev is pre-screened and assessed for their main skills. We support a wide range of talent with different experience levels, with transparency and verification of stated skills being of utmost importance.

Another unique aspect of Ready.dev is that all candidate profiles are anonymous by default. Besides offering more privacy, this also helps employers avoid early selection bias. Employers send requests to meet based on matched skills,compensation & benefits, and remote work parameters rather than a candidate’s name, photo, or gender. Identity is revealed when both parties agree to meet, but this choice is entirely up to each candidate.

At Ready.dev, we are true believers in the opportunities created by remote work, the advantages it creates for work/life integration, and the incredible benefits of working with geographically and culturally diverse teams. And we are so excited to see remote hiring finally coming of age and being adopted globally by companies large and small.

We’d be honored if you let us make your next amazing match happen through Ready.dev.

Ari Shohat

Co-Founder & CEO

Ari has built several successful tech companies over the last 20 years, with the principle of remote-first hiring at the forefront. He believes that finding the best talent worldwide has helped to drive this success.

Jo Friedman

Co-Founder & COO

Jo has been building B2B, B2C, enterprise and marketplace products for the past 20 years. For the last decade she has built remote dev teams, alongside mentoring and writing on the subject of remote work.