The 5 Best Upwork Alternatives for Hiring Remote Developers  

June 29, 2022
Stela Gineva

The 5 Best Upwork Alternatives for Hiring Remote Developers  

June 29, 2022
Stela Gineva

Upwork provides an online marketplace where businesses can post jobs and freelancers can bid for projects. It's a popular platform for finding short-term remote software developers for one-off tasks. 

But, Upwork is not without its flaws, especially if you’re looking for a longer-term commitment or if you want to hire pre-vetted remote software developers.

The low barrier to entry means that Upwork is flooded with unqualified freelancers who are willing to work for rock-bottom prices. 

As a result, the quality of work on Upwork can vary greatly, and it's often a race to the bottom in terms of prices. If you need dedicated remote software developers who become a 'part of the team' for the long-term, you may wish to look elsewhere. 

There are plenty of niche companies that can help you hire the right software developer faster. Some companies can even put entire teams together for you.

How exactly does Upwork work? 

Upwork charges freelancers a fee based on the earnings they make from their clients. There are three ways to hire talent through Upwork. 

Talent Marketplace 

Talent Marketplace is Upwork’s original offering. Businesses post a job and an approximate budget, and then freelancers bid for the job. If they get the job, Upwork gets a cut of the fee paid to the freelancer.

The process is simple in principle but comes with its own issues. For instance, it is on the company to verify the freelancer’s credentials. Also, the focus here is often on the budget. This means, inexperienced freelancers bid low in order to entice businesses. Often, a race to the bottom ensues and more experienced freelancers are discouraged from applying altogether as they can’t justify the low budget. 

The talent marketplace could work well for businesses who are happy to work with beginners at a low cost. For budget-conscious businesses who have the time to train inexperienced freelancers, the Upwork talent marketplace could be a viable option. 

Project Catalog  

The project catalog allows freelancers to post specific ‘project’ work they offer along with a price tag. For example, freelancers could offer projects like ‘a complete WordPress website’. What is included in the service is described, and a starting price is listed. Companies can then get in touch with further requirements before they hire the freelancer for that specific project. 

The onus is on the freelancer to post a project rather than the company. The price is also set by the freelancer. This saves companies time as they do not have to create individual job postings but rather they get to ‘shop around’ for the right freelancer instead and get in touch if they find someone suitable. 

Talent Scout 

Talent Scout is an Upwork solution designed folonger-lastingng projects. Here, businesses can meet with recruiters and provide details about their projects. The Talent Scout recruiter will then use the Talent Scout talent base to provide a shortlist of top matches for the company. The company can then interview and hire candidates. 

The relationship stays on Upwork. Companies need to decide whether this is an arrangement they're comfortable with.

While Talent Scout says there is no additional fee for companies beyond the hourly fee, the freelancer’s hourly rate will include an ongoing ‘cut’ for Upwork, so this will need to be factored into the overall budget for the project. 

There are plenty of Upwork alternatives that specialize in matching businesses with high-quality freelancers for long-term projects.


How Arc works

Arc is a company that provides businesses with a shortlist of freelance developers from its pool of vetted candidates within 72 hours of a request. Companies that wish to make permanent hires can do so with Arc too, through a more involved process where the company consults with Arc directly and interviews candidates. 

Arc can also help companies hire an entire remote team quickly. Arc's services are designed to help companies save time and money when hiring developers. The company has a strong reputation in the industry and has helped many companies find the right developer for their needs. 

If you're looking for a company to help you with your developer hiring needs, Arc is worth considering.

Who it’s for 

Arc is a great tool for companies that want to save time and resources when it comes to hiring remote developers. It allows companies to bypass the traditional process of pre-vetting applicants, which can be time-consuming and expensive. 


Arc’s pricing depends on the type of service you’ve selected. For example, for contract and freelance positions, businesses can opt for two payment options, including: 

  1. Retainer - where the company specifies the number of hours per week they need the developer. Arc then invoices the company for the fixed weekly amount. This option works well if companies wish to reserve the developer and get work delivered quickly. 
  2. Hourly - where the developer logs hours worked every day and Arc charges the company on a weekly basis. But, the developer’s availability may change in this instance. 

Arc also allows companies to hire developers in permanent full-time positions. Here, companies work on a fee per hire based on the developer’s annual salary. 

Arc’s developers cost anywhere between $60 to $100 per hour

Why it’s a great Upwork alternative for hiring remote developers 

Arc is an excellent Upwork alternative for companies with a variety of needs. Arc provides vetted freelancers quickly and can offer bespoke solutions for longer term projects. On the other hand, Upwork specializes in gig work for short-term projects. If you’re looking to hire through its marketplace or project catalog, it also does not offer pre-vetted candidates. 

Arc's pre-vetting process ensures that only the best applicants are matched with the right job openings. As a result, Arc is able to provide companies with the perfect candidate for their needs quickly and efficiently. 


How Indiez works

Indiez works with businesses to find the best software solutions for their needs. This includes hiring remote developers abroad. Indiez representatives discuss the company’s needs with a business’ representative and then Indiez uses its network of software developers and agencies to find the best team for the job. 

Who it’s for 

Indiez is perfect for companies that need whole teams to handle specific projects. They build teams based on the requirements of the company, and look at location, expertise, and background to ensure the team is a fit. 


Indiez allows you to hire remote software developers starting at $35 per hour. This is a starting rate and is possibly limited to beginner developers in certain locations where remote developers are paid less. There isn’t much information on the website beyond this starting fee at the time of writing. 

Why it’s a great Upwork alternative for hiring remote developers 

Indiez works great for companies who want an entire team of remote developers to bring their vision to life. Upwork would be a clunky alternative in this instance, as companies would need to put together teams themselves. Indiez takes care of that and can work to any budget, as evidenced by their low starting fee. 


How Toptal works

Toptal is a platform that connects businesses with the world’s top 3% of freelancers. The Toptal screening process means that businesses are only matched with the most qualified and experienced candidates. This ensures that businesses are able to find the perfect freelancer for their specific project needs. This makes Toptal a great solution for businesses who need to find talented professionals to work on their projects.

Who it’s for 

Toptal is great for companies with large budgets willing to pay a significant amount for expert knowledge. The experts at Toptal are top-notch and will provide quality work, but they do not come cheap. 

Toptal is not for companies who are looking for a bargain or for those who want to be able to haggle over prices. 


Pricing varies, but a full-time software developer costs between $2,000 to $4,000 per week, with Toptal’s fee included in this figure. Costs per hour range depending on the developer too. While they start at $60 per hour, they can reach $250 per hour for the most experienced developers. 

Why it’s a great Upwork alternative for hiring remote developers 

While Upwork is a race to the bottom, Toptal provides quality pre-vetted candidates. Its success hinges on its ability to source and hire out the best candidates to companies who want experts and are willing to pay for the right expertise. 


How Yeeply works

Yeeply is a great option for businesses looking to hire whole technical teams. Yeeply is also very selective about who it allows on its platform. Only 1% of professionals who apply are certified and verified by Yeeply; that’s a lower acceptance rate than TopTal. 

Companies tell Yeeply what their project is about. Yeeply’s algorithm then matches the company to the best team for their digital product. The company receives a custom quote which can be negotiated further with the team directly.Then, once agreed, Yeeply takes care of all the paperwork so the company can take care of the execution of the project. 

The outsourcing platform has more than 150 certified teams in more than 40 countries. Yeeply has facilitated more than 2,000 projects in a variety of disciplines including web development, software development, and artificial intelligence to name a few. 

Who it’s for 

Yeeply is for companies who want to hire entire tech teams and who are looking for experts in their field. Yeeply has Indiez’ team approach to software development, with an acceptance rate similar to that of TopTal. 


There is no specific pricing information on the Yeeply website, because their approach is to price projects based on the requirements of the client. For instance, in a blog post, they explain that a mobile app can cost anywhere from EUR1,000 to more than EUR120,000 depending on the client’s specifications. As such, it is difficult to provide estimates without companies requesting a quote. 

Why it’s a great Upwork alternative for hiring remote developers 

Yeeply guarantees quality as its acceptance rate is lower than that of TopTal. But, unlike TopTal, it works best for companies that wish to hire entire development teams. For companies that want the highest expertise possible in a development team, Yeeply is a great alternative to Upwork.


How ReadyTal works

ReadyTal is an online talent marketplace with pre-vetted remote software developers from over 60 countries. The company meets every software developer before they are accepted onto the platform. This is done to verify their identity and check that their English language skills are up to scratch. 

All of ReadyTal’s developers also undergo a personalized coding test.

Companies fill out a form explaining their requirements and budget. Then, someone from ReadyTal gets in touch to discuss their specific needs. Within days, we match you to someone who meets your criteria. 

You can then interview the candidate yourself, safe in the knowledge that the developer has already passed our robust process. 

The terms under which you hire your candidate are completely up to you. You can hire them as employees or contractors.

And the best part? Unlike other similar companies, we do not normally outsource talent. Rather, we find you a match that joins your team directly. 

Who it’s for 

ReadyTal is a great solution for any business looking to hire an experienced remote software developer and save significant time and money in the process. If you don’t want to worry about sourcing candidates yourself, you can rely on us to find you the perfect match. 

Our candidates are fully vetted as well. We’re so confident that you’ll love them,  we offer a 90-day money back guarantee if the new hire doesn’t work out. Or, if you’ve opted to hire a contractor through us, we will replace them at no additional cost. 


ReadyTal offers two transparent pricing structures to suit your needs. You will never have to wonder again just how much you’re paying your software developer and how much the company providing the talent is charging. 

If you want to hire a candidate and take care of all the HR issues on your side, you can go for the one-time recruitment fee option. This is 20% of the candidate’s annual base salary, payable after your hire starts. This option comes with a 90 day money back guarantee if your candidate doesn’t work out for whatever reason. 

The second option is the monthly flat fee. You pay ReadyTal $1500 per month per hire, and we take care of recruitment, streamlined administration and compliance, as well as payroll. Should you and your developer part ways, we will replace them straight away with no additional cost to you. 

Why it’s a great Upwork alternative for hiring remote developers 

ReadyTal is a great all-rounder regardless of whether you’re looking to hire remote developers directly or need a little more assistance with managing compliance and payroll. 

We find you the right candidate, so you don’t have to waste precious time and resources wading through Upwork profiles with credentials you can’t verify. 

Unlike Upwork, all our candidates are pre-vetted. We’ve met each and every one of them personally. 

Also, while our candidates are experienced software developers, they don’t always come with a hefty price tag. There is someone to suit every budget with ReadyTal, because we source candidates from around the world. 

Upwork alternatives for hiring remote developers 

Upwork is a great platform for businesses that need to hire individuals or small teams for short-term or one-off projects. However, there are a number of Upwork alternatives that may be a better fit for businesses with different needs.

For companies that need to hire pre-vetted software developers quickly and at reasonable rates, companies like ReadyTal might be a better option. Companies that need to hire whole developer teams quickly may find that Indiez can meet their needs.

Businesses need to realize that Upwork isn't the be-all and end-all of remote hiring. There are many niche companies specializing in exactly what a business needs. Ultimately, the best Upwork alternative will depend on the specific needs of the company. But by considering all of their options, businesses can be sure to find the best possible fit.

‍ReadyTal connects companies with the best remote software developers around the world. Our candidates come from more than 60 countries and have passed robust language and technical assessments. If you’re looking for talent, get started here.