Hire Talent

Technically Vetted Developers

Ready.dev will connect you with pre-screened and technically vetted talent that is open to new remote opportunities. Candidates are available as full time employees or contractors.

Get better candidates faster.
All candidates are verified with real skills & qualifications that have been vetted by us.
All candidates are assessed for English skills on the level required to work on a global team.
Transparency on salary requirements from candidates.
Candidates are available and serious about finding work.

Our Process

Create a Job Post

Fill out a job description for your ideal candidate. You’ll also be asked to specify main skills sought, proficiency level, compensation range, and remote work preferences.

Review Matching Profiles

We’ll present you with a list of matching candidate profiles who are open to new job offers. You can review and save their anonymous profiles for later.

Connect with Candidates

Ready.dev lets you communicate with any matched candidate through its interface. It encourages both parties to schedule an interview meeting as the next step.

The ReadyTal Difference

Vetted Talent Only

We ensure that candidates are only presented to you after passing verification, English language testing and development skill assessment. This radically cuts down on the time that you need to invest in a new hire, and guarantees a positive outcome.

Remote First

Hiring remotely is new to many companies, and while offering amazing benefits can also present pitfalls for those starting out on this journey. We are here to make it safe, efficient and successful. Ready.dev is ready to connect you with verified talent worldwide, saving you a long search, accelerating your time to hire and ensuring you get the developer that you need.

Bias Reduction

Matching candidates will be presented to you for consideration with anonymized profiles. You will not see identifying information unless and until you choose to connect with them. This allows you to reduce the bias that can be inherent to the hiring process, and comply with DEI initiatives.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are the software developers located?

The software developers in our marketplace of vetted talent are from over 60 countries, and this number is growing every day. As we specialize in remote talent, we will match you candidates based on where it makes sense for you - be it by country, region, or time zone preferences.

While we are happy to match candidates within your own home country, in many instances there is also an amazing pool of global talent available to join any English-speaking distributed team in full capacity, and at rates which are considerably more affordable.

Why is using Ready.dev a safer and faster method of hiring remote developers than sourcing these candidates ourselves?

We have already gone through the process for you of verifying the reliability and identity of the developers in our marketplace. Someone from the ReadyTal team has met every developer, each one has been through our process of assessment of their language and coding skills, and we put our name behind every candidate that we match to your team’s requirements.

What if the candidate I hire through you doesn’t work out?

While we believe that our process will radically reduce the risk of a candidate not being a good fit for your team, of course it can happen. If within 90 days of a candidate starting they have already parted ways with your company, you will be refunded the placement fee in full.

How much does it cost to find talent through Ready.dev?

We offer two different pricing plans, and it's entirely up to you which to choose:

One-Time Success Fee:
15% of the hire's annual base salary, payable only after your hire starts. We offer a 90-day money-back guarantee, should your candidate not work out for ANY reason.


Subscription and Success Fee Combo:
With a $399/month subscription the success fee is only 10% for any hire. Still with the same 90 day guarantee for any hire.

You can cancel the subscription at any time after the first quarter.

Is Ready.dev a recruiting agency?

Ready.dev is a technical talent recruiting marketplace. We maintain a vetted pool of talent, ready to be hired by vetted companies who join our marketplace to hire. Unlike a recruiting agency, we do not go out and find talent only when we have a position to hire for, rather we are always recruiting amazing talent to match and continually re-assess developers as they gain more experience.

If I use Ready.dev, does that mean that I can’t recruit candidates via my website?

You can still use your other recruiting methods while trying out our platform. The agreement that is signed between your company and Ready.dev is non-exclusive.

Why would I hire a remote developer?

There is an amazing talent pool worldwide for remote developers. By tapping into it through ReadyTal, you are suddenly able to fill the jobs that take you months to fill locally, and often for a much lower cost. You save your own development team weeks and months of frustrating screening processes and can move directly to the last steps in the process of selecting candidates to hire. You are able to hire a more diverse team, and retain them long term.

Can I just send the developers a contract and get to work? Or do I still have to do interviews with them?

We do not recommend to hire a developer without using any test methods, culture-fit interviews, or other tools that you have developed to ensure a candidate is the right fit for your company. We believe that you will find the set of matched candidates to be the kind of standard and close match to your requirements to save you weeks of time usually spent on the early to mid stages of the recruitment process.

I have additional questions. How do I contact you?

You are welcome to email us any time and we will be happy to connect and answer all your additional questions.

It is also possible to schedule a live Zoom call with one of our team members here.